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First filming destination in France after Paris, Marseille has a pool of experienced technicians as well as a high density of small and medium-sized companies, working for the productions.

The cinema in Marseille in 2018 is:

  • 481 shootings
  • 1103 ays of filming including 100 days of international filming
  • 12 feature films, 12 TV dramas (series and TV movies) and 53 commercials
  • More than 60 million d'euros in economic benefits

In order to support you as well as possible, the Mission Cinema offers you many free services:

  • welcome, advice and help to the teams from day one of the preparation of the shooting
  • assistance in location scouting: organization of visits to emblematic sites in the public domain and the private domain of the city and making the connection with the managers of iconic private sites
  • coordination and issue of filming permits for the private and public domain of the city (streets, squares, parks and gardens, museums, cemeteries, public buildings, sports facilities, schools ...)
  • making the connection with local structures, service providers and business networks
  • information on the Belle-de-Mai Media Center's offer in terms of offices (to accommodate productions) and studios (for filming, special effects or other technical services)
  • management of technical interventions - installation and removal of street furniture, modification of public lighting
  • support in finding local technicians


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